Most interesting links of October ’13

Recommended Readings Google engineers insist 20% time is not dead—it’s just turned into 120% time – it is interesting to see how has this evolved; “I have done many engineering/coding 20% projects and other non-engineering projects, with probably 20-40% producing “real” results (which over 7 years I think has been more than worth it forContinue reading “Most interesting links of October ’13”

The Failure of Governmental IT (Learnings From

The failure of Healthcare.Gov has been discussed a lot but the main causes of the failure are unrelated to the project or to technology and apply similarly to other governments / large projects. According to some reasonable articles, the main problems were: Byzantine procurement process – those with the best lawyers and experience, not theContinue reading “The Failure of Governmental IT (Learnings From”

My Highlights From EuroClojure 2013

EuroClojure 2013 was a nice, small conference. The talks were mostly interesting and often useful and it was wonderful to meet in reality people I only knew from the virtual life or from stories. You can get an impression what it was like from the #euroclojure tweets. Below are some noteworthy things from the talksContinue reading “My Highlights From EuroClojure 2013”

Fixed: Embedded Jetty Fails To Unpack With FileNotFoundException: Not a directory

I have built an executable .war with an embedded Jetty and all the dependencies packed in using the Maven Shade and War plugins. When I tried to run it (java -jar <my war>.war) then I got a strange FileNotFoundException during the unpack phase. It was strange because the unpack code actually checks whether a file’sContinue reading “Fixed: Embedded Jetty Fails To Unpack With FileNotFoundException: Not a directory”