Most interesting links of November

This month has been quite interesting, among others I ‘ve picked up several blogs by Adam Bien. I really like his brief, practical and insightful posts 🙂 Java, Jave EE, architecture etc. EJB 3.1 + Hessian = (Almost) Perfect Binary Remoting – “With hessian it is very easy to expose existing Java-interfaces with almost noContinue reading “Most interesting links of November”

Book review: Refactoring by Martin Fowler

I had high expectations for Martin Fowler’s Refactoring (1999/2002) but it turned out that both me and the book are too old. It had some interesting parts, but the main one – the refactoring catalog itself – had little new for me because I already know most of the refactorings and the description of stepsContinue reading “Book review: Refactoring by Martin Fowler”

More Eclipse & svn fun: Can’t share a project (only Team – Apply Patch)

With Subversive it may happen that it completely ignores some projects while it perfectly works for other ones. If a project seems to have no SVN information in Eclipse (thoug it actually contains all the .svn/ folders) and the Team context manu only contains Apply Patch… (i.e. especially not Share project…) then you have likelyContinue reading “More Eclipse & svn fun: Can’t share a project (only Team – Apply Patch)”

svn fun: <path> has no ancestry information

Subversion is at times really annoying and difficult to use due to its cryptic and confusing error messages and unnecessary failures. An example is when you have an svn-managed folder (‘svnProject’) where svn -u status and svn info and even commiting individual files work correctly but commit of the complete folder (which is necessary e.g.Continue reading “svn fun: <path> has no ancestry information”

SOAP/SAAJ/XML Issues When Migrating to Java 6 (with Axis 1.2)

When you migrate an application using Apache Axis 1.2 from Java 4 or 5 to Java 6 (JRE 1.6) you will most likely encounter a handful of strange SOAP/SAAJ/XML errors and ClassCastExceptions. This is due to the fact that Sun’s implementation of SAAJ 1.3 has been integrated directly into the 1.6 JRE. Due to thisContinue reading “SOAP/SAAJ/XML Issues When Migrating to Java 6 (with Axis 1.2)”

If You Don’t Use Pair Programming and Code Reviews as Teaching Tools You Waste Money

There is an easy way how to save many man-days and thus also money on a project by adding some work to the key team members. You must be thinking that I’m crazy if I want to add even more work to the already overloaded senior developers and an architect but I’m sure you willContinue reading “If You Don’t Use Pair Programming and Code Reviews as Teaching Tools You Waste Money”

Knowing I’m Bad Programmer Makes Me Good Programmer

I know that I’m not a good programmer and this knowledge makes me actually a very good one. As Kent Beck says: “I’m not an excellent programmer, I’m just a good one with excellent habits.” [1] I know I’m a bad (read “a little above average”, if you plan to hire me ;-)) programmer andContinue reading “Knowing I’m Bad Programmer Makes Me Good Programmer”

Tip: Enable a shortcut for Occurrences in File in Eclipse under Gnome (default C+S+u)

The useful Eclipse action Search – Occurrences in File – Identifier has by default the shortcut Control+Shift+U. But under Gnome the shortcut Control+Shift+U is used for Unicode character input, indicated by an underlined u when pressed. Assigning a different shortcut is easy but there are few “traps”: In Eclipse, go to Window – Preferences –Continue reading “Tip: Enable a shortcut for Occurrences in File in Eclipse under Gnome (default C+S+u)”