Most interesting links of April ’14

Recommended Readings The economics of reuse – developing code for reuse costs much more than for one need – it might cost 300% more to develop and save you 75% of work when (re)using it instead of developing from scratch (if one of the factors goes down, the other one typically goes down too). Summary:Continue reading “Most interesting links of April ’14”

Clojure: How To Prevent “Expected Map, Got Vector” And Similar Errors

What my Clojure code is doing most of the time is transforming data. Yet I cannot see the shape of data being transformed – I have to know what the data looks like on the input and hold a mental model of how they change at each step. But I make mistakes. I make mistakesContinue reading “Clojure: How To Prevent “Expected Map, Got Vector” And Similar Errors”

How to create and run Gatling 2.0 tests

Getting up and running with Gatling perf. tests as I would like so I record this for my future reference. 0. Create a project: (The trailing “:” in the filter is important.) 1. Import to IntelliJ In IntelliJ choose to import an object, instead of “from sources” select “from external model” and then Maven. YouContinue reading “How to create and run Gatling 2.0 tests”

Kioo: How to Troubleshoot Template Processing

So you have created an Om/Reagent/React component using a Kioo template and the result is not as you expected, perhaps just an empty element? Let me share what I have discovered about troubleshooting this (though I am no expert). You will se how to invoke the underlying Clojure function component* manually, how to expand theContinue reading “Kioo: How to Troubleshoot Template Processing”

Kioo: How To Replace The Whole Body

This whole post in unnecessary since it is simply possible to use a snippet directly without a template, as kindly explained by Creighton Kirkendall. Kioo, the enlive-inspired templating library for React.js and derived libs such as Om, normally works by matching selectors against elements inside <body> and transforming the matched elements while also keeping allContinue reading “Kioo: How To Replace The Whole Body”