Most interesting links of August ’13

Sorry folks, this month it will be very brief. I have many more great stuff in the queue but haven’t managed to write it down yet. Next month will be heavy 🙂 Recommended Readings Interested in native vs. webapp? Check out Why mobile web apps are slow (mobile browser much slower, not much real improvements,Continue reading “Most interesting links of August ’13”

Clojure REPL stores the latest results in *1, *2, *3, exception in *e

All Clojure REPL variants (nREPL, REPLy, ..) share some common characteristics, inherited from clojure.main and clojure.repl. One of them, that isn’t easy to find out (unless you read e.g. Clojure Programming) is the fact that the last three results of evaluating your code are stored in the vars *1, *2, and *3. The last exceptionContinue reading “Clojure REPL stores the latest results in *1, *2, *3, exception in *e”