Troubleshooting Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

Re-published from the Telia Tech Blog. The infamous Java exception Received fatal alert: handshake_failure is hardly understandable to a mere mortal. What it wants to say is, most likely, something like this: Sorry, none of the cryptographic protocols/versions and cipher suites is accepted both by the JVM and the server. For instance the serverContinue reading “Troubleshooting Received fatal alert: handshake_failure”


Notes from Troy Hunt’s Hack Yourself First workshop

Troy Hunt (@troyhunt, blog) had a great, very hands-on 2-day workshop about webapp security at NDC Oslo. Here are my notes. Highlights – resources Personal security and privacy – a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card – tmp email f-secure VPN – scan a site for issues (insecure cookies, framework disclosure, SQL injection, …) (lot of $k) SiteContinue reading “Notes from Troy Hunt’s Hack Yourself First workshop”

Connect Tunnelblick to VPN automatically after wake up

Need: Make sure that VPN is always running except when at work. Partial solution: Make sure VPN is always running with “connect when computer starts” and using an AppleScript to connect after waking up from sleep. Disconnect manually when at work. Future: Check the current location (wifi name? IP?) and do not connect when atContinue reading “Connect Tunnelblick to VPN automatically after wake up”

Most interesting links of May ’14

Recommended Readings Monolith – from The Codeless Code – fables and koans for the SW engineer – the Monad monolth #Haskell #fun http2 explained (pdf, 27 pages) – cons of http 1 (huge spec / no full impl., wasteful use of TCP <=> latency [x spriting, inlining, concatenation, sharding]) => make it less latency sensitive,Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’14”

Most interesting links of November ’13

Recommended Readings Some interesting topics this time despite me spending lot of time on the Principles of Reactive Programming course: Java x Node.js, REST x other future-proof architectures, scary legacy code. Of course, also plenty of Clojure. People, organizations, teams, development: Chris Argyris (1923-2013): An Appreciation – Thinkers 50 – recently departed Ch. Argyris isContinue reading “Most interesting links of November ’13”

Most interesting links of October ’13

Recommended Readings Google engineers insist 20% time is not dead—it’s just turned into 120% time – it is interesting to see how has this evolved; “I have done many engineering/coding 20% projects and other non-engineering projects, with probably 20-40% producing “real” results (which over 7 years I think has been more than worth it forContinue reading “Most interesting links of October ’13”

Most interesting links of May ’13

Recommended Readings ThoughWorks Technology Radar May 2013 – Maven replaced by Gradle, Clojure and Scala on adopt, big enterprise SW and WS-* out, lot of interesting stuff to adopt or assess Straw Man TDD: debunking 6 common TDD myths (via M.Fowler) – such as TDD = {no upfront design, 2*longer development, # hard-to-change test code}.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’13”

Most interesting links of January ’13

Recommended Readings Various Dustin Marx: Significant Software Development Developments of 2012 – Groovy 2.0 with static typing, rise of Git[Hub], NoSQL, mobile development (iOS etc.), Scala and Typesafe stack 2.0, big data, HTML5, security (Java issues etc.), cloud, DevOps. 20 Kick-ass programming quotes – including Bill Gates’ “Measuring programming progress by lines of code isContinue reading “Most interesting links of January ’13”

Most interesting links of November

Recommended Readings Recommended Reading by Poppendiecks – an excellent selection, starting with Lean from Trenches, Management 3.0, Specification by Example, The Lean Startup etc. Eric Allman says that Programming Isn’t Fun Any More  because problem solving has been replaced with learning, configuring, and integrating tons of libraries, frameworks, and tools and many people agree withContinue reading “Most interesting links of November”