The Failure of Governmental IT (Learnings From

The failure of Healthcare.Gov has been discussed a lot but the main causes of the failure are unrelated to the project or to technology and apply similarly to other governments / large projects. According to some reasonable articles, the main problems were: Byzantine procurement process – those with the best lawyers and experience, not theContinue reading “The Failure of Governmental IT (Learnings From”

Most interesting links of Mars ’12

Recommended Readings ThoughtWorks Technology Radar 3/2012 – including apps with embedded servlet containers (assess), health check pages for webapp monitoring, testing at the appropriate level (adopt), JavaScript micro-framewors (trial, see, Gradle over Maven (e.g. thanks to flexibility), OpenSocial for data & content sharing between (enterprise) apps (assess), Clojure (before in asses) and CoffeeScript onContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’12”