Most interesting links of February

Articles, links etc. Git The Git Parable (thx to Alexander) – a good and easy to understand explanation of the story behind Git and thus also its main goals and concepts. It really helps in understanding what makes Git different from Subversion and thus empowers you to use it to its full capabilities and inContinue reading “Most interesting links of February”

Hidden Dependencies Are Evil – Arguing With The Clean Code (Slightly)

Hidden dependencies are evil because two pieces of code influencing invisibly each other make it very hard to understand what the code is doing. There is an example of an unresolved hidden dependency in the presumabely perfected code in Clean Code’s chatper 14: Successive Refinement. When I wrote the first draft of this post IContinue reading “Hidden Dependencies Are Evil – Arguing With The Clean Code (Slightly)”

Clean Code: Four Simple Design Rules – Obligatory Read

I consider the Clean Code book to be obligatory for every programmer. And if you currently haven’t the time to read it all at once then you should read – and take deep into your heart – at least the 12th chapter Emergence by Jeff Langr, which introduces Kent Beck’s Four Simple Design Rules andContinue reading “Clean Code: Four Simple Design Rules – Obligatory Read”

Manually restoring raw partclone partition image to a VMWare

This post sums up how to manually restore a partition backup create by Clonezilla (using partclone) into a VMware virtual machine, which can be then either executed or its (virtual) disk mounted. The difficult points are “manual” and “partition backup” (would be much easier with a full disk backup). Normally I restore a backup byContinue reading “Manually restoring raw partclone partition image to a VMWare”