Most interesting links of July ’12

A brief one due to (thanks to?) holiday and an accompanying surprising lack of enthusiasm for the technical stuff. Recommended Readings Microdesign and red flags – why using an “else” or returning a boolean as a success indicator should rise a red flag and make you think what you’re trying to achieve and whether thereContinue reading “Most interesting links of July ’12”

Book Review: Implementation Patterns

Implementation Patterns, Kent Beck, 2007, ISBN 0321413091. Summary: Should you read the book? Yes, the chapter on principles and values is trully enlightening. The book in general contains pearls of wisdom hidden in the mud of “I know that already, man.” I would thus recommend skimming through the book and reading only the pieces matching yourContinue reading “Book Review: Implementation Patterns”

Testing Zabbix Trigger Expressions

When defining a Zabbix (1.8.2) trigger e.g. to inform you that there are errors in a log file, how do you verify that it is correct? As somebody recommended in a forum, you can use a Calculated Item with a similar expression (the syntax is little different from triggers). Contrary to triggers, the value ofContinue reading “Testing Zabbix Trigger Expressions”