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Most interesting links of August

Posted by Jakub Holý on August 31, 2010

I hope everybody is enjoying the holiday and not spending hours on tech blogs and sites. At least I do :-) and thus this month’s list is a short one:

  • Working With Static Imports in Eclipse – how to make working with static imports (nearly) as easy as with the normal ones (especially useful for fluent interfaces and “DSLs”), mainly by adding types like JUnit’s Assert and Mockito to your favorite imports and setting Eclipse to always generate static imports in the form <type>.*
  • 5 things you didn’t know about … Java Database Connectivity – it was interesting to learn that JDBC specifies some scalar functions that drivers may support and translate into the DB’s language such as “{CURRENT_DATE()}”; for common functions supported by most drivers this should make your implementation more portable
  • Four Things to Remember about java.lang.String – a really good one thanks to information on how to compare correctly the same Unicode character/string that can be encoded in different ways with java.text.Normalizer.normalize and Locale-sensitive comparison ignoring optionally unimportant differences such as letter size and accents (using a Collator)

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An encrypted backup of a disk/partition to a Samba share with Clonezilla

Posted by Jakub Holý on August 10, 2010

You will learn how to customize Clonezilla Live (v. 1.2.5-24) for an easy backup of a partition (or a disk) to an encrypted file stored on a remote Samba server and how to test the backup by restoring it to a VMware virtual machine. We will few scripts to simplify the task, including a custom Clonezilla startup script to mount a TrueCrypt volume on a Samba share.

Content: What is Clonezilla? | Preparing Clonezilla for a custom backup | Backup | Encryption of the backup | Restoration and testing of the backup | The complete backup – encrypt – test cycle | Summary

PS: If you are scared by the length of this post then read only “The complete backup – encrypt – test cycle” :-)

Update 2010-09-23: Added “The complete backup – encrypt – test cycle”, little reorganization.

What is Clonezilla?

Clonezilla is a live Linux distribution containing tools for performing backup and restoration of disks and partitions. It is basically a collection of various open-source tools such as partimage and gzip and custom scripts that “glue” them together to create a single backup tool driven by a wizard-like user interface. You install it to a CD or USB flash disk, boot from that medium, answer few questions and a backup or a restoration may start.

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Most interesting links of July

Posted by Jakub Holý on August 2, 2010

This month about performance, the Java language and patterns, the development process, and a few interesting news.

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