Most interesting links of Mars ’13

Recommended Readings A lot of stuff this month since I have finally got time to review some older articles. Quite a few articles by Fowler. Few really great (yet short) talks on agile & SW development. Top Agile in a Nutshell (originally Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell) by Henrik Kniberg – the best explanationContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’13”

Tools for Editor – Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development

Chrome Development Tools and similar ones are great for interactive, exploratory coding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – but the changes aren’t persistent and the tools haven’t the power of a programmer’s editor. I’d like to be able to use a powerful editor yet be able to see changes to JS/HTML/CSS without having to save-[compile]-reloadContinue reading “Tools for Editor – Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development”

Markdown + JavaScript = Great HTML Presentation Decks

You can easily create beatiful, interactive, simple presentations by writing them in Markdown (falling back to HTML whenever needed) with special markers separating the individual slides and using JavaScript to render it into an interactive HTML presentation. We will now look at a few tools that can help you with that. My favorite one isContinue reading “Markdown + JavaScript = Great HTML Presentation Decks”

Escaping the Zabbix UI pain: How to create a combined graph for a number of hosts using the Zabbix API

This post will answer two questions: How to display the same item, f.ex. Processor load, for a number of hosts on the same graph How to avoid getting crazy from all the slow clicking in the Zabbix UI by using its API I will indicate how it could be done with plain HTTP POST andContinue reading “Escaping the Zabbix UI pain: How to create a combined graph for a number of hosts using the Zabbix API”

You are not lean unless you have a clear objective and measure

A colleague of mine, Bjørn Remseth, had a good observation: Without a clear objective you cannot be lean. The lean approach is, essentially, about optimizing a process, a company. If you don’t know what you are optimizing then, by definition, you are not lean. The thing being optimized in lean is the value produced byContinue reading “You are not lean unless you have a clear objective and measure”

From Stateful Iteration in Python to Stateless Clojure

I have a piece of Python code that leverages a stateful object and was wondering how to reimplement it in the inherently stateless Clojure, without resorting to its facilities for managing state. It turns out to be simple and beautiful. The core of the code is a for loop that transform a list of maps,Continue reading “From Stateful Iteration in Python to Stateless Clojure”

Books Our Developers Should Read

Republished from with the permission of my co-author, Morten Berg, and later updated. There are a few books that every developer in Iterate should read because they express what we believe in and are extremely valuable in themselves. The books chosen are generally and broadly useful and not tied to some too limited domainContinue reading “Books Our Developers Should Read”