Mobile learning application MiniPauker 1.1.05 released – please test!

MiniPauker 1.1.05, the final milestone before 1.1.1, has just been released. MiniPauker is a “flashcard learning” application for cell phones, which means that you can use it to learn or repeat any pairs of information, such as French vocabulary or terms and their definitions. The “cards” that you have troubles remembering are repeated often whileContinue reading “Mobile learning application MiniPauker 1.1.05 released – please test!”

My path to SCEA 5

I’d like to share with you my experience with the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (SCEA 5) [1] certification. There was a couple of unclear things regarding the assignment and its deliverables and I’ve learned some interesting things (mostly about hardware estimation and deployment environments such as the “clouds”),Continue reading “My path to SCEA 5”

Most interesting links of June

The last month’s list of interesting articles is a bit shorter due to off-line holidays, which I enjoyed much more then reading articles 🙂 Boy Scout Rule in practice – improving the code on the go with respect to the Clean Code‘s and similar best practices: 1) If you spot a piece of code toContinue reading “Most interesting links of June”