Most interesting links of February ’13

Recommended Readings Øyvind Bakksjø: The inverse of IoC is Control – a well-founded criticism of the (over)use of inversion-of-control containers such as Spring and Guice. Bakksjø isn’t against dependency injection in general but he prefers to do it manually, instead of magically, in a main method, using Java instead of an obscure DSL/XML. The dependenciesContinue reading “Most interesting links of February ’13”

JDBC: What resources you have to close and when?

I was never sure what resources in JDBC must be explicitely closed and wasn’t able to find it anywhere explained. Finally my good colleague, Magne Mære, has explained it to me: In JDBC there are several kinds of resources that ideally should be closed after use.  Even though every Statement and PreparedStatement is specified toContinue reading “JDBC: What resources you have to close and when?”