A Costly Failure to Design for Performance and Robustness

I have learned that it is costly to not prioritise expressing one’s design concerns and ideas early. As a result, we have a shopping cart that is noticeably slow, goes down whenever the backend experiences problems, and is a potential performance bottleneck. Let’s have a look at the problem, the actual and my ideal designs,Continue reading “A Costly Failure to Design for Performance and Robustness”

Why we practice fronted-first design (instead of API-first)

Cross-posted from the TeliaSonera tech blog Alex has introduced us to the idea of front-end first design: You start by creating the front-end (browser) code. As you discover data or API calls that you need, you mock them. When the UI stabilizes, you use the mocked APIs and data to create the backend with exactlyContinue reading “Why we practice fronted-first design (instead of API-first)”