Most interesting links of Mars ’12

Recommended Readings ThoughtWorks Technology Radar 3/2012 – including apps with embedded servlet containers (assess), health check pages for webapp monitoring, testing at the appropriate level (adopt), JavaScript micro-framewors (trial, see, Gradle over Maven (e.g. thanks to flexibility), OpenSocial for data & content sharing between (enterprise) apps (assess), Clojure (before in asses) and CoffeeScript onContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’12”

Kent Beck: Best Practices for Software Design with Low Feature Latency and High Throughput

I was fortunate to attend Kent Beck’s lecture summarizing his experiences and thoughts regarding efficient software design. Traditionally there have been two schools of thought about design: Predictive design, trying to design everything upfront (and making lot of wrong decisions) and reactive design, where any design is only done if it is absolutely necessary forContinue reading “Kent Beck: Best Practices for Software Design with Low Feature Latency and High Throughput”

Link: Benchmark and Scaling of Amazon RDS (MySQL)

Performance and scaling of the Amazon-managed MySQL, Relational Data Store (RDS): Scaling options: Horizontal scaling Sharding (distribute data [tables or rows] among multiple RDS instances; Tumblr uses sharded MySQL and it worked well for them) – there is no explicit support so the applications have to handle it themselves, i.e. know which table/rows to read fromContinue reading “Link: Benchmark and Scaling of Amazon RDS (MySQL)”