Most interesting links of August

Recommended Readings Martin Fowler on the problem of software patents – “… while patents (even software patents) are a good idea in principle, in practice they have turned into an unmitigated disaster and would be better scrapped.” Discovering Hidden Design, Michael Feathers – When refactoring complex code towards a better design with clearer separation ofContinue reading “Most interesting links of August”

DbUnit Express Tips: Setup Simplification, Custom Data File Convention

I’ve recently introduced here DbUnit Express, a wrapper around DbUnit intended to get you started with testing DB-related code in no time, and now I’d like to share two productivity tips: simplifying db tester setup with a parent test and implementing your own convention for data set files, for example one data set per test class.

A Funny Story about the Pain of Monthly Deployments

The end of our one-month iteration approached and the levels of fear and agitation started to rise. What will happen when we deploy it? Will everything crash? Will all hell break loose? Will there be a flood of midnight severity-one issues? Will the features developed work together or are there going to be unexpected andContinue reading “A Funny Story about the Pain of Monthly Deployments”