Implementing build-time bytecode instrumentation with Javassist

If you need to modify the code in class files at the (post-)build time without adding any third-party dependencies, for example to inject cross-cutting concerns such as logging, and you don’t wan’t to deal with the low-level byte code details, Javassist is the right tool for you. I’ve already blogged about “Injecting better logging intoContinue reading “Implementing build-time bytecode instrumentation with Javassist”

Booting from a USB stick in VMware Player

It isn’t possible to boot from a USB stick under VMware player 3.0.0, because its BIOS is ignorant of USB, but fortunately there is an easy workaround: Download the PLoP boot manager (e.g., which supports usb booting Decide whether you want to install PLoP to the virtual hard disk (useful if you will bootContinue reading “Booting from a USB stick in VMware Player”

Webservice testing with JMeter: Passing data from a response to another request

JMeter is great for functional and performance testing of many things, including web services (and to my surprise also LDAP). It also provides means for extracting data from a response and passing them to a subsequent request, which is exactly what I needed. There is already a good tutorial on testing a WS with JMeter,Continue reading “Webservice testing with JMeter: Passing data from a response to another request”

Most interesting links of May

The most interesting stuff I’ve read in May, in no particular order. You can easily guess I’ve been working on performance troubleshooting this month 🙂 NoSQL is About… – all the things NoSql databases are said to be about (and perhaps are not) and a good overview of the different goals and thus also featuresContinue reading “Most interesting links of May”