Most interesting links of April ’12

Recommended Readings V. Duarte: Story Points Considered Harmful – Or why the future of estimation is really in our past… (also as 1h video) – thoughtful and data-backed claim that there is a much cheaper way for estimating work throughput than estimating each story in story points (SP) and that is simply counting the stories.Continue reading “Most interesting links of April ’12”

Exposing Functionality Over HTTP with Groovy and Ultra-Lightweight HTTP Servers

I needed a quick and simple way to enable some users to query a table and figured out that the easiest solution was to use an embedded, ligthweight HTTP server so that the users could type a URL in their browser and get the results. The question was, of course, which server is best forContinue reading “Exposing Functionality Over HTTP with Groovy and Ultra-Lightweight HTTP Servers”

Groovy Grape: Troubleshooting Failed Download

If you use the Grape’s @Grab annotation to get dependencies for your Groovy scripts at runtime and their retrieval fails with the exception “General error during conversion: Error grabbing Grapes — [unresolved dependency: …not found]” and a useless stack trace then you migth want to know that you can configure Ivy to log all theContinue reading “Groovy Grape: Troubleshooting Failed Download”