Are portlets dead? JSR168 and JSR286 versus reality.

Eric Spiegelberg, an experienced JEE and portlet developer, evaluates in his article JSR-286: The Edge of Irrelevance the changes brought to the portlet community by the "new" JSR 286 and comes to the sad conclusion that the portlet technology has missed its chance and is declining in interest and momentum and JSR 286 won’t changeContinue reading “Are portlets dead? JSR168 and JSR286 versus reality.”

Eclipse 3.4: New Update Manager and broken Extension Locations

In Eclipse prior to 3.4 you could have a number of external "Extension Locations" for plugins/features you didn’t want in the Eclipse installation directory or that you wanted to share among multiple Eclipse installations. In the Update Manager wizard you could have even selected that you want a plugin installed into a particular extension location.Continue reading “Eclipse 3.4: New Update Manager and broken Extension Locations”