File-based User Authentication under WebSphere 6

File-based User Authentication under WebSphere 6 When developing a web application for the WebSphere Application Server you sometimes need to enable security because the application expects HttpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() to be non-null. While in the production environment you will likely configure WAS to delegate the authentication to an LDAP server, during development you would likely prefer toContinue reading “File-based User Authentication under WebSphere 6”

Most interesting links of March

I’ve decided to publish links to the most interesting blogs, articles and pages that I’ve stubled upon in a particular month. Enjoy the first dose! (In no particular order.) I recommend the post 43 Essential Controls for Web Applications,which presents – with screenshots and short descriptions – the most used and useful javascript/ajax widgets forContinue reading “Most interesting links of March”

Enforcing a common log format with AspectJ

Enforcing a common log format with AspectJ Andy Wilson has recently blogged about the need for uniformly formatted log messages containing all the necessary information to make log parsing easier and mentioned an extensive refactoring he did on a project to achieve this. One of the readers mentioned that he could save the effort ofContinue reading “Enforcing a common log format with AspectJ”