Eclipse: Open Type/Resource working again under Linux!

Some weeks ago the extremely useful features of Eclipse Open Type and Open Resource stopped working, throwing an uninformative  Error instead, no matter which version or JRE vendor. I was desperate. Until finally I found a bug regarding this issue which pointed me to the solution – switching off Gnome’s assistive technologies (System – PreferencesContinue reading “Eclipse: Open Type/Resource working again under Linux!”

Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 – also in Maven Central

Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 – also in Maven Central I’ve released version 1.1.0 of my DbUnit extension, which is now also available in the Maven central repository under the group id net.jakubholy.testing and artifact id dbunit-embeddedderby-parenttest. It brings some API changes, new utillities and removes the need to extend the base TestCase class. WhatContinue reading “Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 – also in Maven Central”

The Art of Logging (review)

Colin Eberhardt, the co-author of the Simple Logging Facade, has written a very good article The Art of Logging, which should be a compulsory reading for every developer especially in the server side development domain. It’s good both as an introduction as it covers all the important aspects and also for experienced developers because itContinue reading “The Art of Logging (review)”

Releasing a project to Maven Central repository via Sonatype

If you have an open-source project and want it published into the Maven Central repository – even if it itself isn’t build with maven – to make it visible to all Maven users without any special effort (at least once you set everything up), read on. This is excatly what I wanted to do withContinue reading “Releasing a project to Maven Central repository via Sonatype”