Most interesting links of January ’13

Recommended Readings Various Dustin Marx: Significant Software Development Developments of 2012 – Groovy 2.0 with static typing, rise of Git[Hub], NoSQL, mobile development (iOS etc.), Scala and Typesafe stack 2.0, big data, HTML5, security (Java issues etc.), cloud, DevOps. 20 Kick-ass programming quotes – including Bill Gates’ “Measuring programming progress by lines of code isContinue reading “Most interesting links of January ’13”

The Sprinting Centipede Strategy: How to Improve Software Without Breaking It

Re-published from Our code has been broken for weeks. Compiler errors, failing tests, incorrect behavior plagued our team. Why? Because we have been struck by a Blind Frog Leap. By doing multiple concurrent changes to a key component in the hope of improving it, we have leaped far away from its ugly but stableContinue reading “The Sprinting Centipede Strategy: How to Improve Software Without Breaking It”

Bash: Parse Options And Non-Options With Getopts

Parsing script or function options and non-option arguments is easy in Bash with getopts but there are some catches, such as the need to reset OPTIND. We will se how to do it using getopts, shift, and case. The code below will parse the function arguments and remove them so that $1 will refer toContinue reading “Bash: Parse Options And Non-Options With Getopts”

Fast Code To Production Cycle Matters: For Pleasure, Productivity, Profit

I spent one afternoon adding a much needed feature to our application. Now I have been waiting for several days for various people to review and approve it. And I have just realized how tiring it is and how much energy it takes from me. To create something and get it out into production atContinue reading “Fast Code To Production Cycle Matters: For Pleasure, Productivity, Profit”