Most interesting links of June

Recommanded Readings Empirical Studies Show Test Driven Development Improves Quality – brief summary of two researche papers comparing TDD/non-TDD, one paper with 1 case study from IBM and 3 from Microsoft (get PDF; conclusion: The pre-release defect density of the four products, measured as defects per thousand lines of code, decreased between 40% and 90%Continue reading “Most interesting links of June”

Validating JSF EL Expressions in JSF Pages with static-jsfexpression-validator

Update: Version 1.0 was released in March 2012 Update: Version 0.9.9 with finished basic support for Facelets (autodetection of annotated beans, handling of ui:repeat) is available Update: Version 0.9.7 with experimental Facelets support and a fix of method binding validation released in Nov. (Not mentioning 0.9.5 and .6.) Always check the latest version available! TheContinue reading “Validating JSF EL Expressions in JSF Pages with static-jsfexpression-validator”

How to Fix Empty “Show all bookmarks” in Firefox 4

Since recently I was unable to edit my bookmarks because Bookmarks -> Show all bookmarks displayed en empty list of bookmarks, though the bookmarks were under the bookmarks menu, B. toolbar etc. The Bookmarks side panel was also empty though. The solution was to create a backup of my bookmarks (in the json format), stopContinue reading “How to Fix Empty “Show all bookmarks” in Firefox 4″

Hacking Jasper to Get Object Model of a JSP Page

To perform some checks and statistical analysis on my JSPs I needed a DOM-like, hierarchical model of elements contained in them. But parsing JSP pages isn’t trivial and is best left to a tool that excels in it – the Jasper JSP compiler used by Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish and likely also by all others. ThereContinue reading “Hacking Jasper to Get Object Model of a JSP Page”

Version hell with JSFUnit, Arquillian, and (embedded) Glassfish and other containers

JSFUnit and the JBoss Arquillian test framework for JavaEE look very promissing, but according to my experience there are good reasons why they are only beta and alpha versions. May be you can get them working but you must pick the right version of each dependency – for many things change between individual versions atContinue reading “Version hell with JSFUnit, Arquillian, and (embedded) Glassfish and other containers”