Book Review & Digest: Capital In The Twenty-First Century

My key takeaways and highlights from the book. This is not an objective and consistent review. Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty is together with Thinking, Fast and Slow, the most important book on society I’ve ever read. And together with Rawls’ A Theory of Justice it has shaped my opinions on societyContinue reading “Book Review & Digest: Capital In The Twenty-First Century”

Tiny, Tiny Steps – Experience Report Developing A Feature In Minimal Value-Adding Increments

A post for those who want to see what an iterative, MVP-driven development of a feature looks like. @lukew: Start with the simplest version you can. It’s much easier to add complexity than to remove it. Once upon time, there was a webshop portal with hundreds of partner webshops displayed on the front page. PotentialContinue reading “Tiny, Tiny Steps – Experience Report Developing A Feature In Minimal Value-Adding Increments”

Notes From CodeMesh 2014

My consise highlights from CodeMesh 2014. Philip Potter has very good CodeMesh notes as well, as usually. TODO: Check out the papers mentioned in the  NoSQL is Dead talk. (<- slides) Tutorial: QuickCheck (John Hughes) General QC => Less code, more bugs found QC tests are based on models of the system under test –Continue reading “Notes From CodeMesh 2014”