Most interesting links of May

Recommanded Readings Acceptance testing / Specification by example: Gojko Adzic: Anatomy of a good acceptance test – an example of refactoring a bad acceptance test into a good one – good for learning about pitfalls and how a good one should look like Gojko: Top 10 reasons why teams fail with Acceptance Testing – acceptance testing isContinue reading “Most interesting links of May”

Ivy: How to Retrieve Source Codes of Dependencies

Summary: To download sources you must map the dependency’s conf also to ‘sources’ (ex.: conf=”myScope->default,sources”). If you are using Apache Ivy (2.2) for maintaining you dependencies, you may also want to retrieve source codes (or javadocs) of those dependencies, e.g. to get nice help pop-ups in Eclipse or to actually browse the sources. Provided thatContinue reading “Ivy: How to Retrieve Source Codes of Dependencies”

Installing Java 1.4 to Mac OS X 10.6

Sometimes you really need java 1.4, mainly because just compiling with -target doesn’t protect you from inadverently using an API that only exists in 1.5+. Fortunately, Jens v. P. has described how to install Java 1.4 on Mac OS X without destroying your current (latest) java installation – download Java_for_Mac_OS_X_10_5_Update_4 from Apple and use PacifistContinue reading “Installing Java 1.4 to Mac OS X 10.6”

Discussion: Agile not suitable for governmental IT?

The recent article Agile will fail GovIT, says corporate lawyer is rather controversial but very valuable. Its value lays not in its claim that agile cannot work in governmental environment, something I quite disagree with, but in its presentation of how (inaccurately) agile is/may be perceived in this environment and of obstacles posed by suchContinue reading “Discussion: Agile not suitable for governmental IT?”

Upgrading FCKeditor 2.x to CKEditor 3.x including plugins

Upgrading FCKEditor 2.x with custom plugins to CKEditor 3.x is a challenging task because so much has changed but it is possible. I’d like to share here few experiences from the upgrade and show how to map the most important API use cases from the old to the new version and ease the migration byContinue reading “Upgrading FCKeditor 2.x to CKEditor 3.x including plugins”