Experience: Awesome productivity with ClojureScript’s REPL

Re-posted from Telia’s tech blog. What’s the deal with ClojureScript? How can you justify picking such a “niche” language? I have recently experienced a “wow” session, demonstrating the productivity gains of ClojureScript and the interactive development it enables thanks to its REPL. I would like to share the experience with you. (If you have neverContinue reading “Experience: Awesome productivity with ClojureScript’s REPL”


OS X: Using scutils to discover whether/what a web proxy is in use

When looking for ways to discover whether a proxy is being used by OS X, you will be typically pointed to networksetup -getwebproxy However that does not always work – for example when using “Auto Proxy Discovery” and/or “Automatic Proxy Configuration” with a proxy.pac file. scutils –proxy seems to detect all these cases (though itContinue reading “OS X: Using scutils to discover whether/what a web proxy is in use”

A Usable Node.js REPL for Emacs

Being used to the excellent REPL in Clojure(Script), I was surprised to find out that Node.js REPL is somewhat weak and that its support in Emacs is not actively maintained. I anyway managed to get a usable REPL with these three components: The Emacs nodejs-repl package (nearly 2 years old) J. David Smith’s nodejs-repl-eval.el toContinue reading “A Usable Node.js REPL for Emacs”

Tools for Editor – Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development

Chrome Development Tools and similar ones are great for interactive, exploratory coding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – but the changes aren’t persistent and the tools haven’t the power of a programmer’s editor. I’d like to be able to use a powerful editor yet be able to see changes to JS/HTML/CSS without having to save-[compile]-reloadContinue reading “Tools for Editor – Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development”

Most interesting links of October ’12

Recommended Readings David Veksler: Some lesser-known truths about programming – things newcomers into the field of IT don’t know and don’t expect, true and an interesting read. Not backed by good data but anyway. F.ex.: “[..] a programmer spends about 10-20% of his time writing code [..] much of the other 90% thinking, researching, andContinue reading “Most interesting links of October ’12”

Only a Masochist Would Write Unit Tests in Java. Be Smarter, Use Groovy (or Scala…).

I like writing unit tests but Java doesn’t make it particularly easy. Especially if you need to create objects and object trees, transform objects for checking them etc. I miss a lot a conscise, powerful syntax, literals for regular expressions and collections, conscise, clojure-based methods for filtering and transforming collections, asserts providing more visibility intoContinue reading “Only a Masochist Would Write Unit Tests in Java. Be Smarter, Use Groovy (or Scala…).”

Inspect Your Webapp in a Live Environment Interactively with GroovyConsole

Have you ever needed to check the state of your webapp’s objects/Session/.. to find out why the hell something doesn’t work or have you had to learn a weird 3rd party API that is only available on the server? Then you were doomed … until the publication of GroovyConsole. JeeUtils GroovyConsole provides a JSP page thatContinue reading “Inspect Your Webapp in a Live Environment Interactively with GroovyConsole”