Most interesting links of May ’13

Recommended Readings ThoughWorks Technology Radar May 2013 – Maven replaced by Gradle, Clojure and Scala on adopt, big enterprise SW and WS-* out, lot of interesting stuff to adopt or assess Straw Man TDD: debunking 6 common TDD myths (via M.Fowler) – such as TDD = {no upfront design, 2*longer development, # hard-to-change test code}.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’13”


Most interesting links of Mars ’13

Recommended Readings A lot of stuff this month since I have finally got time to review some older articles. Quite a few articles by Fowler. Few really great (yet short) talks on agile & SW development. Top Agile in a Nutshell (originally Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell) by Henrik Kniberg – the best explanationContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’13”

You’re Writing the Wrong Software – You Never Know What Users Want Until You Ask Them

Too often companies and IT departments believe that they know what software they should create. However users often need and want something different than you believe, even if you’re a domain expert yourself. My colleague and dear friend Ivar had exactly this experience when designing a meal planning tool for his girlfriend and himself. HeContinue reading “You’re Writing the Wrong Software – You Never Know What Users Want Until You Ask Them”

Most interesting links of June ’12

Recommended Readings Development Neal Ford: Evolutionary architecture and emergent design: Emergent design in the wild – discusses why not to do Big Design Up Front and how to recognize the “last responsible moment”. Quote: “It’s puzzling that so many organizations continue to use BDUF in the face of so many failures and underachieving projects.“ GojkoContinue reading “Most interesting links of June ’12”

Most interesting links of May ’12

This was a rich month, bringing some hope for ORM, providing a peep-hole into the bright and awesome future with in-browser video and other cool web-stuff presented at WebRebels 2012 and IDEs providing immediate feedback and visualisation. There were valuable articles about simplicity and quality in software and good talks about the lean startup (i.e.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’12”