Most interesting links of Mars ’13

Recommended Readings A lot of stuff this month since I have finally got time to review some older articles. Quite a few articles by Fowler. Few really great (yet short) talks on agile & SW development. Top Agile in a Nutshell (originally Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell) by Henrik Kniberg – the best explanationContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’13”

Most interesting links of May ’12

This was a rich month, bringing some hope for ORM, providing a peep-hole into the bright and awesome future with in-browser video and other cool web-stuff presented at WebRebels 2012 and IDEs providing immediate feedback and visualisation. There were valuable articles about simplicity and quality in software and good talks about the lean startup (i.e.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’12”

Most interesting links of June

The last month’s list of interesting articles is a bit shorter due to off-line holidays, which I enjoyed much more then reading articles 🙂 Boy Scout Rule in practice – improving the code on the go with respect to the Clean Code‘s and similar best practices: 1) If you spot a piece of code toContinue reading “Most interesting links of June”