Most interesting links of May ’13

Recommended Readings ThoughWorks Technology Radar May 2013 – Maven replaced by Gradle, Clojure and Scala on adopt, big enterprise SW and WS-* out, lot of interesting stuff to adopt or assess Straw Man TDD: debunking 6 common TDD myths (via M.Fowler) – such as TDD = {no upfront design, 2*longer development, # hard-to-change test code}.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’13”

Most interesting links of May ’12

This was a rich month, bringing some hope for ORM, providing a peep-hole into the bright and awesome future with in-browser video and other cool web-stuff presented at WebRebels 2012 and IDEs providing immediate feedback and visualisation. There were valuable articles about simplicity and quality in software and good talks about the lean startup (i.e.Continue reading “Most interesting links of May ’12”

Most interesting links of Mars ’12

Recommended Readings ThoughtWorks Technology Radar 3/2012 – including apps with embedded servlet containers (assess), health check pages for webapp monitoring, testing at the appropriate level (adopt), JavaScript micro-framewors (trial, see, Gradle over Maven (e.g. thanks to flexibility), OpenSocial for data & content sharing between (enterprise) apps (assess), Clojure (before in asses) and CoffeeScript onContinue reading “Most interesting links of Mars ’12”

Most interesting links of February

Articles, links etc. Git The Git Parable (thx to Alexander) – a good and easy to understand explanation of the story behind Git and thus also its main goals and concepts. It really helps in understanding what makes Git different from Subversion and thus empowers you to use it to its full capabilities and inContinue reading “Most interesting links of February”