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Separating Integration and Unit Tests with Maven, Sonar, Failsafe, and JaCoCo

Posted by Jakub Holý on February 5, 2012

Goal: Execute the slow integration tests separately from unit tests and show as much information about them as possible in Sonar.

The first part – executing IT and UT separately – is achieved by using the maven-failsafe-plugin and by naming the integration tests *IT (so that the unit test running surefire-maven-plugin will ignore them while failsafe will execute them in the integration-test phase and collect results in the verify phase).

The second part – showing information about integration tests in Sonar – is little more tricky. Metrics of integration tests will not be included in the Test coverage + Unit tests success widget. You can add Integration test coverage (IT coverage) widget if you enable JaCoCo but there is no alternative for the test success metrics. But don’t despair, read on!

Important notice: The integration of Sonar, JaCoCo and Failsafe evolves quite quickly so this information may easily get outdated with the next releases of Sonar

Versions: Sonar 2.12, Maven 3.0.3

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