Implementing build-time bytecode instrumentation with Javassist

If you need to modify the code in class files at the (post-)build time without adding any third-party dependencies, for example to inject cross-cutting concerns such as logging, and you don’t wan’t to deal with the low-level byte code details, Javassist is the right tool for you. I’ve already blogged about “Injecting better logging intoContinue reading “Implementing build-time bytecode instrumentation with Javassist”


WAS 6.0 ant tasks: Install an app with an external Ant

There are special ant taks to install/start/.. an application to a WebSphere App Server 6.0. It’s easy to run them with WAS’s ant script (<was>/bin/was_ant.bat) but not so trivial to get them working with an external ant, which may be necessary because WAS has an old version of ant. So lets see how to doContinue reading “WAS 6.0 ant tasks: Install an app with an external Ant”