The Holy Java

Building the right thing, building it right, fast

My Competency Matrix


  • Software engineering (O(n), algorithms etc.)
  • Technology
    • DB
    • JVM
      • Java EE
      • Clojure
    • Web
      • REST
    • Data & BI
  • Methodology and practices
    • DevOps
    • Lean
    • XP
      • Testing / TDD
      • pair-programming
      • retrospectives
    • Lean startup & MVP
    • Performance (testing etc.)
  • Communication and human relationships
  • Get things done
    • focus – learning
    • prioritizing – learning


  • Fond of learning, trying new stuff, finding solutions => broad skill set
  • Documentation – especially making code understandable and navigable
  • Full stack – incl. DevOps, tools setup, …
  • Skepticism regarding value of a product (a.k.a. “show me the money”)
  • Kaizen – constantly questioning processes, practices, products, requirements, …
  • Believes in people, communication, agility (small, iterative, feedback-driven steps)
  • Fond of sharing, writing and teaching (f.ex. Puppet, Clojure)

Hall of fame

  • Introduction of Ansible and thus partial automation of staging and production env setup and deployment
  • Continuous deployment with per-user, user-driven roll back for a customer support app [ref]

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