Most interesting links of June ’13

Recommended Readings Agile, process, SW dev, people etc. Real Options—a Mindset – an intro into the Real Options approach, which has been quite a hot topic and a transformational way of thinking for a number of inspiring people (Dan North, Liz Keogh etc.). “Real Options help us to better make decisions and commitments with three simpleContinue reading “Most interesting links of June ’13”

Brief Intro Into Random/Stochastic/Probabilistic/Simulation/Property-Based Testing

John Hughes and Stuart Halloway had very interesting talks about random testing at NDC Oslo, a topic I have been ignorant of but want to explore more now. Contrary to the typical example-based unit tests where the developer specifies inputs, interactions, and specific validations, random testing generates random input data and/or sequences of interactions andContinue reading “Brief Intro Into Random/Stochastic/Probabilistic/Simulation/Property-Based Testing”