SOAP/SAAJ/XML Issues When Migrating to Java 6 (with Axis 1.2)

When you migrate an application using Apache Axis 1.2 from Java 4 or 5 to Java 6 (JRE 1.6) you will most likely encounter a handful of strange SOAP/SAAJ/XML errors and ClassCastExceptions. This is due to the fact that Sun’s implementation of SAAJ 1.3 has been integrated directly into the 1.6 JRE. Due to thisContinue reading “SOAP/SAAJ/XML Issues When Migrating to Java 6 (with Axis 1.2)”

Migrating from JRoller to WordPress

This post describes how to migrate a blog from to The steps are: Backup JRoller via the util by La tortue cynique Export from WP Convert JRoller to a fragment of the WP format Add proper header and footer to the generated WP import file [optional] download images, perhaps upload them somewhere andContinue reading “Migrating from JRoller to WordPress”