Kioo: How to Troubleshoot Template Processing

So you have created an Om/Reagent/React component using a Kioo template and the result is not as you expected, perhaps just an empty element? Let me share what I have discovered about troubleshooting this (though I am no expert). You will se how to invoke the underlying Clojure function component* manually, how to expand theContinue reading “Kioo: How to Troubleshoot Template Processing”

Kioo: How To Replace The Whole Body

This whole post in unnecessary since it is simply possible to use a snippet directly without a template, as kindly explained by Creighton Kirkendall. Kioo, the enlive-inspired templating library for React.js and derived libs such as Om, normally works by matching selectors against elements inside <body> and transforming the matched elements while also keeping allContinue reading “Kioo: How To Replace The Whole Body”