A Usable Node.js REPL for Emacs

Being used to the excellent REPL in Clojure(Script), I was surprised to find out that Node.js REPL is somewhat weak and that its support in Emacs is not actively maintained. I anyway managed to get a usable REPL with these three components: The Emacs nodejs-repl package (nearly 2 years old) J. David Smith’s nodejs-repl-eval.el toContinue reading “A Usable Node.js REPL for Emacs”

How to Set JVM Memory for Clojure REPL in Emacs (clojure-jack-in, clojure-swank)

How to increase heap size for Clojure REPL started from Emacs, either standalone or as a part of a project. 1. Clojure REPL Started for a Lein Project If you have a Leiningen 2.0 project and start Clojure REPL for it in Emacs via M-x clojure-jack-in then you can set JVM arguments such as heapContinue reading “How to Set JVM Memory for Clojure REPL in Emacs (clojure-jack-in, clojure-swank)”