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Creating On-Demand Clusters in EC2 with Puppet

Posted by Jakub Holý on May 5, 2012

For a recent project I needed to be able to start on-demand clusters of machines in Amazon EC2. We needed each instance in a cluster to allow SSH and sudo access for all team members and to install and configure the software appropriate for that cluster (“database” node or “testclient” node).

You can see the results of my effort using EC2 command-line tools, Puppet etc. at the project’s Puppet GitHub repository, the setup is described in detail in its README.

(Tips for improvements are welcome. And not, Star Cluster isn’t what we needed.)


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Getting Started with Amazon Web Services and Fully Automated Resource Provisioning in 15 Minutes

Posted by Jakub Holý on December 7, 2011

While waiting for a new project, I wanted to learn something useful. And because on many projects we need to assess and test the performance of the application being developed while only rarely there is enough hardware for generating a realistic load, I decided to learn more about provisioning virtual machines on demand in the Cloud, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS). I’ve learned a lot about the tools available to work with AWS and the automation of the setup of resources (machine instances, security groups, databases etc.) and automatic customization of virtual machine instances in the AWS cloud. I’d like to present a brief introduction into AWS and a succinct overview of the tools and automation options. If you are familiar with AWS/EC2 then you might want to jump over the introduction directly to the automation section.

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