Review: Clojure for Machine Learning (Ch 1-3)

Pack Publishing has asked me to review their new book, Clojure for Machine Learning (4/2014) by Akhil Wali. Interested both in Clojure and M.L., I have taken the challenge and want to share my impressions from the first chapters. Regarding my qualification, I am a medium-experienced Clojure developer and have briefly encountered some M.L. (regressionContinue reading “Review: Clojure for Machine Learning (Ch 1-3)”

Most interesting links of August ’12

Recommended Readings How To Fail With Agile:Twenty Tips to Help You Avoid Success – a great overview of ways people may make agile projects and initiatives fail – use them to either avoid the failure or to make it certain, according to your attitude towards agile Learning Vim keys in an entertaining way byContinue reading “Most interesting links of August ’12”

Most interesting links of April (renewed)

Only two articles this month: Computerworld: 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis – great review if different categories of data analysis and visualization tools. The tools I haven’t known (i.e. excluding R, Google Charts etc.) and found them especially interesting: Data web apps: Google Refine (data cleansing in a spreadsheet-like UI: clustering, dataContinue reading “Most interesting links of April (renewed)”