Petitioning EU to act against Russian aggression in Ukraine

join the campaignAs a citizen of a country that has been invaded by Hilter in 1938 under the pretext of protecting local Germans and again invaded by Russia in 1968, I cannot watch another such invasion and annexation taking place in Europe while EU does little of any consequences.

Please consider signing the petition to EU to act against Russian aggression with all the political and economical power it has, even if – oh the horror – will cost our wallets too.

Click here to join:
European Union, Catherine Ashton, Herman van Rompuy: Act on Ukraine. Immediately!

Published by Jakub Holý

I’m a JVM-based developer since 2005, consultant, and occasionally a project manager, working currently with Iterate AS in Norway.

4 thoughts on “Petitioning EU to act against Russian aggression in Ukraine

  1. It’s funny that you begin your statement telling us what Hitler did to your country in the 30s but then you ask people to support the new Ukrainian government which is composed, among others, of a few neo-nazi politicians.

    1. I do not know about that.

      Anyway, if people want to have extremists in their government – that is their thing as long as they do not occupy other countries, put minorities into concentration camps etc. With Russian approach to f.ex. gays you could argue that they too are far too much to the right.

      And this is not about supporting Ukraine’s government, this is about standing up against military occupation (and lies, demagogic propaganda, etc.)

      1. Yeah, it’s up to the people to decide if they want an extremist government. But it’s something that didn’t happen in Ukraine because nobody voted their new president and their new PM, as opposed to the russian president who indeed won several elections despite being a moron.
        Anyway, I’m not against this military occupation if it can prevent a civil war to begin. I think the best thing for everybody here is to decide who they want to live with. Exactly the same you the Czechs and Slovaks did two decades ago.

      2. Yes, I agree that people should be able to choose *freely*. However I am not sure what would happen when Tatars decided to join Turkey and Greeks Greece. I guess it is not so simple after all… . Though Turkey/Greece do not have the tanks, sorry, local self-defense forces, so maybe it actually is simple after all. Same for Chechnya, I guess. (Oh wait, I forgot those are just terrorists so they do not count. We are lucky the freedom-bringing Russian tanks crushed them before they could do their thing.)

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