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My Scala vs. Clojure Impression In Pictures

Posted by Jakub Holý on October 13, 2012

(By kristobalite)


(By agiamba)


Clojure has a zen-like quality to it. There is extreme focus on simplicity, on defining few elementary orthogonal concepts that can be combined in powerful ways. For example it took 3 years for Clojure to get named parameters – but the result, destructuring, is something much richer and more applicable, that fits the language perfectly and has become a core part of idiomatic Clojure.

Scala feels as if trying to empower the programmer in any possible way, throwing in shortcuts, syntactic sugar, and plenty of methods so that anything can be done with the minimal amount of code. It is overwhelming.

Disclaimer: I have only a few weeks of experience with Scala and are in no position to judge it. This is just an impression I have gained so far and nothing more. I’m sure it is a great language.


One Response to “My Scala vs. Clojure Impression In Pictures”

  1. Sangria Salad said

    Good points, you forgot to add magic (via implicits, i.e. “my god, it’s full of implicits”) to the scala points. Version 2.10 is adding macros so…more magic! Yay! Sometimes I wish for a scala-lib-light.jar with just the core syntax + collections libraries…that’s what I use the most anyway.
    One appreciates the conciseness of Clojure when used appropriately, but that can take time.

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