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Quiz: What’s the Best Test Method Name?

Posted by Jakub Holý on December 13, 2011

Which of the following names of test methods do you think to be the best?

(Notice that we could leave out “payment_” from the last name if it is clear from the context, i.e. from the fixture [a fancy name for test class] name.)

According to the holy book of Clean Code, the code should make visible the intent as much as possible. According to the testing guru Kent B., a test should be telling a story to its reader – a story about how the code should be used and function. According to these two and my own experiences from reading a lot of (test) core written by other people, the last one is absolutely the best. However you have the right to disagree and discuss 🙂

PS: I firmly believe that calling a test method “test()” should be punishable.


3 Responses to “Quiz: What’s the Best Test Method Name?”

  1. Code Man said

    Calling it “test()” is a punishable offence is sweden according to article #255.FF in the Offensive Coding Act.

  2. Mister Potes said

    I don’t know why you opted to use camel case for the first 3, then abandon it for the 4th. 3rd one is perfectly good for a passing test where the user id is unknown (i.e. you haven’t said what the test does before you ask the question).

    • I used CamelCase for the first three because that is the “old” standard in Java. Now I tend to use the more readable underscored names.
      > you haven’t said what the test does before you ask the question
      Thank you for pointing out the difference between 3. and 4. so well.

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