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Preview of the Portlets in Action book available

Posted by Jakub Holý on November 7, 2009

The book Portlets in Action being written by Ashish Sarin, which I’ve already mentioned and which looks really promising, has been made available via the Manning Early Access Program. As of today there are two chapters available and you can read the first one "Introducing Portals and Portlets" for free.

What I find to be the most attractive features of this book is that it concentrates on the "new" JSR 286 also known as Portlets 2.0 and goes beyond teaching portlets with its intorduction of Spring MVC and Ajax libraries suitable for portlets.


2 Responses to “Preview of the Portlets in Action book available”

  1. A great book for learning about portlet development. The book focusses completely on the specification, taking you from the simplest, hello world type of portlet, to complex portlet configurations that creatively use portlet config and context objects. The book also goes into struts and JSF, just enough to get you started. I’ve never used struts or Java Server Faces before, but I was able to get the examples to work, and get a good idea of where these technologies would be powerful.

  2. Really well written book. I read initial pages and looks really promising…

    Great job Ashish

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