The Holy Java

Building the right thing, building it right, fast


Personal log of mid-term tasks.

  1. Read Working Effectively with Legacy Code
  2. Finish 4Clojure medium problems to learn Clojure (Deadline: 6/2012 ?)
  3. Read Joy of Clojure, Implementation Patterns, Lean from the Trenches, Scrum from the Trenches, Management 3.0, Lean Startup, Running Lean, Why
  4. Reach enlightment

Done (oldest first):

  1. Publish new version of DbUnit Express
  2. Bring JSF EL Validator to a “final” state and release v.1.0 (Deadline: 31/12 2012)
  3. Finish writing notes for Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash (Deadline:6/1 2012, old: 7/12 2011)
  4. Finish writing notes for Agile Project Management with Scrum
  5. Read Flawless Consulting (Deadline: 31/2 2012, old: 1/1 2012; done: 11/1)
  6. Finish 4Clojure easy problems to learn Clojure (Deadline: 1/2012)
  7. Read Specification by Example (Done 4/2012)

To learn:

Node4j, Clojure (of course!) perhaps with Noir, Twitter’s Bootstrap (incl. LESS).

To consider:

Cofee/ClojureScript, HTML5 Boilerplate

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